On fate, or religion, I think. I’m still deciding which one it is

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I am not a very religious person.

I just lied; I really am not a religious person. I used to be a while ago, back when I was still figuring out this world, but then I realized that it is not for me.

I have nothing against it. Most of my friends are highly intelligent religious people, and we always have interesting conversations about our two different worlds. We never fight (as far as I can remember) and we always agree to disagree for certain stuff.

And today I had a conversation with such a friend about fate. Not sure why, but I have always put the two together: fate and religion. Maybe it’s the preordained part I don’t quite understand, or the God has a plan for me stuff, but I realized that my vision of fate is not the same as the universal opinion of it.

For me, the fate sort of exists. Not in the way that somebody has already decided my life, but in the sense of purpose: this person will achieve this [insert big and world changing fact] in her life. All the other minor things that happen and so many call them coincidences, are merely decisions we take or external factors that happen and change our trajectory. The finality of it all already exists, but it’s up to us and our decisions on how we get there.

Do I make any sense? My mind is struggling right now to understand why just the purpose is not the same as the already written life. Maybe an example will help.

This is a story that I always love to tell, and I’m pretty sure my friends are sick of it, but it’s the story of how I ended up working where I do (which, by the way, it’s an awesome place to work). I was on holiday with my then boyfriend on the sea side. We were camping at an organized camping site (yeah, we were the guys with the tent), so electricity was not on every tree. We went to charge our phones in the designated area. While browsing my phone, I found job suggestions on my email. I wondered if the job application worked on my phone (it was an older phone) so I’ve installed it. Right there, I saw the job postings, and I liked one more because it had a colored logo.

My then boyfriend, who was scratching the latest bug bite on his leg, said that he’s heard of them and I should apply. I was like Neah, ain’t nobody got time for that! And he insisted, what do you have to lose? he said. And I applied, then forgot about it.

Two days later I was back at home, actually at work, and my phone rang. Turns out they found me interesting (or they were out of options – I still don’t know for sure) and we’ve scheduled an interview. Six years later, it was the best decision ever!

Just look at how many things had to happen in order for me to get this job. It’s like the universe plotted and threw all it had towards me, waiting eagerly for my decision. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t my purpose in life (I hope), but what I am sure of, is that it took me closer to it.

What is my purpose? I have no freaking clue. I still dream to be Sailor Moon one day, but that’s another story.

For a moment there, I forgot what I was talking about. Maybe I just wanted to tell that story one more time. Back to the topic, I still don’t know for sure the difference between my fate and a religious one, but I know they’re different.

What’s yours?

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