Insecte, by Claire Castillon

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Original title: Insecte

Author: Claire Castillon

Series: Cotidianul Collection, Literatura #63

Printed by: Universe Publishing House, Inc, 2008

Release year: 2006

Similar to: nothing actually; probably anything signed Chuck Palahniuc?

Recommended for: those with a strong heart and a healthy stomach


Category: WTF books


From the beginning…____________________________________________________________________________

I grabed this book from my personal library. It looked slim and like an easy going read. Well, it read fast, as for the easy going… I would say it was a tough to digest kind of a book. I still don’t know my true feelings regarding it.

Mini summary__________________________________________________________________________________

Actually, this book contains short stories, all with the same common element: mother and daughter. Each story has the same main subject, either told by the mother or the daughter. I will list the stories here, in case you wish to read only one of them, to see what this collection of short stories is really about: Citește în continuare „Insecte, by Claire Castillon”